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Therapy Dogs with a massive twist!

The benefits of owning a dog and their unconditional love and loyalty are well-known. There are therapy dogs that help heal broken hearts, deal with grief and give hope to the ill.

Then there are our one-of-a-kind healer dogs who remotely connect in, creating a loving bond with children, adults, and the elderly through their collective consciousness energy field. Also incredibly, one person will receive healing from an entire group of dogs’ collective consciousness at the same time! 

Our heart really goes out to those living with disabilities, mental health challenges and other debilitating conditions. So, with this in mind our furry, four-legged friends share extra love and support in a unique, holistic way where those needing comfort don’t need to be physically present with our healer dogs. The beautiful Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ transmission shared by our healer dogs feels like being supercharged with powerful rays of cool cosmic light. 

In fact, anyone and everyone needing a pick-me-up or extra playfulness and joy in their lives can receive a Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ session remotely on demand from our healer dogs. Sometimes a little dog cuddle can do wonders and it will be a wonder to witness how the bond our healer dogs share can transform everyday life into a more joyful and uplifted experience. 

This advanced modality of therapy is a real gamechanger. No matter where you live you can be touched effortlessly, in a most nurturing way that soothes, restores, and uplifts, all with a tangibly felt connection with your chosen healer dog that is simply beyond words. 

Meet the 4-legged QVSWPP Practitioner squad!



The Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ transmissions our healer dogs share are available on demand. This means you have the flexibility of choosing to receive their TLC at your convenience. 

Receiving a transmission from Akasha, felt a lot of sensations around my head and eyes, almost like fluffy bubbles. Saw a golden-like colour. Felt very soft and very happy and content.


When receiving a session from Rishi I could feel a beautiful wave of energy touch me. At first my mind was very active and darted from one thought to another, but after a while it started to settle and my mind literally went blank while my body felt relaxed and peaceful. Afterwards I felt light and de-stressed which stayed with me for a few days afterwards. 


I chose little Bhairavi as my healer dog. When receiving a session from her I could feel a scanning up and down in my torso and saw a yellowish golden ball. I felt an ache in my heart which quickly went away and I felt calmer afterwards. Feel very grateful : )


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