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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are our healer dogs one-of-a-kind?
Our healer dogs transmit Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ as they have been personally hand-picked, raised, initiated, and activated by Sreemaa-Shreeji. Unlike traditional therapy dogs, our healer dogs are different as the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ transmissions they share are available on demand. This means you have the flexibility of choosing to receive their TLC whenever it suits you or your loved ones. 

Moreover, the transmissions are shared remotely which eliminates the need to coordinate a meeting online or offline. All you need to do is book a session with your preferred healer dog and the transmission is automatically available when you are ready to receive the beautiful nurturing boost of energy. 


As a parent you may have a child with high-functioning autism (ASD) that may be able to self-manage some autistic-like symptoms but may still need support in social situations or to aid restful sleep. Some children may require emotional support to help with their anxiety or a lack of confidence at school. Others struggle with interacting with their peers in general social settings, needing reassurance and support without fear of judgement for being different. These needs can be eased in a 10-minute session with one of our healer dogs! This truly is a gamechanger and we encourage you to experience it for yourself.


Is every dog a healer?
No, not every dog is a healer. Just like how among humans, some people are more intuitive, or more connected to their constitution as energy beings with their spiritual nature enhanced, so too they are more drawn to sharing healings. Not every human being is inclined towards healing. This is also true of dogs; not every dog is geared towards being a healer dog. In the case of our healer dogs, Sreemaa-Shreeji has carefully selected, trained, activated, and initiated them to be certified 4-legged QVSWPP Practitioners.

Can my dog become a 4-legged QVSWPP Practitioner?

We do encourage people to send us their expression of interest (EOI) for their dog to join our healer dog squad. How wonderful it will be to have more 4-legged QVSWPP Practitioners joining us across the globe!  We also encourage those who are into adopting or fostering rescue dogs to submit their expression of interest.

People can send us their EOI, but Sreemaa-Shreeji will first scan and assess whether the dog is capable on an energetic level to harness the QVSWPP and function as a healer dog. If the dog is selected, then there will be a two-year probation period where the owner/caretaker must share testimonials to demonstrate their efficacy. If the dog is certified, a 50% royalty will need to be given for each paid session, so these funds can be utilised to reach out to more dogs and spread this work. In essence, this is about being part of a benevolent mission, not about making money. 

Why are dogs the only 4-legged Practitioners, and no other 4-legged animals?

Energetically speaking, cows are better than dogs, but since most people have dogs as pets, the 4-legged Practitioners are of the canine kind. Dogs uplift people and are easier to keep as a pet instead of cow. They are also more social than cats for example. We know dogs cannot influence the psychology of human beings; however, they can influence chemical reactions within a person, and help produce oxytocin (‘feel-good hormone’), which makes the person feel loved, happy, light and playful and gives a sense of belonging. When people see a dog play or cuddle a dog, they switch off from their thoughts and worries. Also, dogs go beyond appearances and have no ego like humans have. 

What other QVSWPP sessions do you offer?

We have a wide-range of other ground-breaking QVSWPP sessions that are shared by our two-legged QVSWPP Practitioners! Check them out here

Why are some parts repeated on the website?
You may have noticed certain repetitive sentences and words on our website. We have done this as a way to connect with people with special needs; it is for their ease that we have written it in this format.

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