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Rescue Dogs

 A helping hand from our Healer Dogs

Most rescue dogs have endured some form of abuse, like abandonment, physical injuries, shouting, beating, leaving them tied up or locked up for a long time and not providing them with the medical and emotional care they need. As a result they may show maladaptive behaviour patterns; some of the common signs abused rescue dogs show include a tucked tail, flinching at human contact, unprovoked aggression, being overly submissive, biting or scratching when petted. They may also have passed through a chain of hands before being adopted by a final owner. We would like to appreciate and acknowledge the amazing animal lovers around the world who foster or adopt a rescue dog and lovingly care for the dog. 

Rescuing a dog is a noble act and working with an abused dog requires patience and understanding. Once a rescue dog has been adopted, it is crucial that the owner/caretaker takes responsibility as most rescue dogs carry trauma. The owner has to work with the dog carefully. With the energetic assistance and shower of the benevolent Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ from our healer dogs, rescue dogs will become more responsive to the caretaker. The results will be greater and faster as the caretaker will be better able to handle the rescue dog, not just physically and mentally but most of all be more available energetically. This is a unique and extraordinary intervention that will bring a lot of comfort to rescue dogs around the world!   


10 session-package for you and your rescue dog 

10 sessions are recommended at a minimum for rescue dogs, that’s why we've created this special package. It is for the upliftment of the rescue dog that you work alongside and receive transmissions where you are surrogating for the dog you have adopted. 


How does it work exactly?
Remotely both you and the rescue dog will be receiving QVSWPP transmissions from your chosen healer dog. Your rescue dog will receive a 10-minute transmission each time and you as a caretaker will surrogate for 20 mins each time. 

Pets can’t sit still for too long, so for dogs the energy transmissions are shared in spurts of 10 minutes. The QVSWPP is like that energetic cuddle that massages and aligns their energy bodies. During the surrogacy you can either sit or lie down comfortably and receive the downpour of energy. This will build an extra energy reservoir in your field that will keep transferring to the energy field of your rescue dog over the next 2-3 days. 

In total there will be 10 x 10 min transmissions for the dog and 10 x 20 mins transmissions for you as a surrogate.

If there are two rescue dogs in the house, then both dogs will receive an individual 10-minute session each, and the caretaker will surrogate for 20 minutes for one pet, and a further 20 minutes for the other pet. The surrogate does not have to be the same person; it can be another person in the household who surrogates.  

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