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In-home options

An energetic companion to hold and cuddle anytime!

Available now for the first time! A therapy dog without any waitlists or having to keep a dog at home. This is a great solution for people who would really benefit from a therapy dog but are somehow not able to take care of a dog at home. Sometimes people have time constraints due to a demanding job or family situation, lack the financial means or are allergic to dogs. With the benevolent Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™, anyone can have the support of a furry friend.

Most incredibly, energetic healing can be received from our healer dogs through one of the Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ activated replicas. A true energetic companion that can be held and cuddled any time, sharing uplifting vibes and bringing comfort, joy and playfulness! This is also a wonderful option for children who would like a therapy dog beside them giving them that boost of emotional, mental and physical support. For example, children with ADHD who are hyper can have some downtime when they are cuddling the puppy, as it will reduce hyperactivity in the brain.

There are four options to choose from to receive the benefits of an energetic companion:

  1. QVSWPP activated replica of one of our healer dogs on a keychain 

  2. QVSWPP activated replica of one of our healer dogs as pillow, in its own size and dimensions

  3. QVSWPP activated life size soft toy that looks just like our healer dogs (premium option)

  4. QVSWPP activated photo print out* of one of our healer dogs


*There is the option of a print-out of the preferred healer dog, available for a small enrolment fee per year or month.  This print-out will be activated to be put under the bed for example or on a wall after enrolment. Today’s world is ruled by individual consciousness and a sense of entitlement with very little emphasis on responsibility, duties and ethics. The small enrolment fee has been put in place with the vision to encourage people to go beyond entitlement, operate from ethics and to come more in line with their true potential. If there is no enrolment, then the print-out is just a piece of paper and if not renewed yearly/monthly, then the print-out will be de-activated.

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